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Is Vitis Vinifera extract really that magical?


Since Vitis Vinifera was first discovered in red wine in 1992, scientists have been keen to develop the potential health benefits of Vitis Vinifera, and have been discovering the many health benefits of Vitis Vinifera extract.

There is a very interesting phenomenon in France, known as the "French paradox". People found that the French love to eat high fat and high calorie food, but also a large number of saturated fatty acids, and all of them are smoky guns, but the death rate of cardiovascular disease in France is very low. Some people think that the habit of drinking red wine protects the heart of the French, and red wine contains very rich Vitis Vinifera.

Let's take a look at the lab evidence first: A placebo control group of human studies has found that patients with heart disease who take red grape polyphenols extract (rich in Vitis Vinifera) can quickly improve vascular endothelial cell function. The results of some animal experiments show that oral high doses of Resveratrol can reduce thrombosis and reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis. It was found that resveratrol had strong resistance to free radicals, antioxidant activity, and could prevent LDL oxidation. Resveratrol's inhibition of cancer also surprises people to scream. Normal cells have a complete life cycle, the newborn, mature, aging, death, and then replaced by new cells, this is normal metabolism, and cancer cells do not have this life cycle, can be infinite division of growth, so cancer cells are called "undead cells", resveratrol was found to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, inducing its death. In addition, cancer cells not only can divide and grow infinitely, but also infect normal cells like the plague, which is the spread of cancer. The ability of cancer to infect relies on an enzyme called Matrix metalloproteinases. The experiment found that resveratrol can stop the activity of the enzyme, thus ending the proliferation of cancer cells. Cancer cells grow very quickly, in order to meet the rapid growth of cancer cells, the cancer tissue must develop a new blood vessels for their own use, to quickly replenish the nutrients needed for growth, and resveratrol on the cancer of the new blood vessels have inhibitory effect.

The market of resveratrol supplements from the root extracts of Polygonum cuspidatum, red grape extracts. The general dosage of resveratrol supplements is 10~50mg, but at present we do not know how many doses of resveratrol can be added to prevent chronic diseases. Since there is no clear benefit, perhaps don't rush to pay a large price to buy supplements to eat. Even so, we can still choose to eat more resveratrol-containing foods to make our bodies healthier. Resveratrol comes from red grapes (skin), red wine, grape juice, peanuts, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries.

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